Sunday, December 28, 2014

Autumn Dynasty Strategy

Finally, I read so many reviews and confirmed this is a good game. Then, I bought this game at a discount during Christmas. I started to play and dam it was hard. I will give you the Autumn Dynasty Strategy from Autumn Dynasty Facebook, but I doubt it will help you much. Mind you, I was a hardcore Dune 2, Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Starcraft, Warcraft TFT player and I thought this game will be a walk in the park.

The Basics at a glance (scissors/paper/stone):

  • Horsemen > Archers > Swordsmen > Pikemen > Horsemen
  • Catapults/Swordsmen > Towers/Buildings

Some spells:

  • Horsemen (Fire, Charge)
  • Swordsmen (Avalanche, Smoke)
  • Pikemen (Ambush, Shield)
  • Archers (Arrowstorm, Deploy)
  • Catapults (Flare, Bombard)

Advance Tactics:

  • Hills > Flat > River/Swamp
  • Fire > Forest > Archers/Horsemen
  • Swordsmen+Smoke > Archers
  • Catapult+Flare+Bombard > Pikemen+Ambush/Shields and Archers+Deploy > Horsemen > Catapult

Most headache is the Catapult as you will need to pre-empt with your Horsemen, else Tower falls. Remember their Archers at the back? They will use their annoying Arrowstorm. Then poke you with their Pikemen.

2nd being Swordsmen+Smoke and you thought your Towers are safe with Pikemen+Ambush and Archers+Deploy and Smoke?
Use your Horsemen on their Catapult and Archers at their back and Computer uses Swordsmen+Smoke in front. Use it in front usually with Pikemen protected and Catapults fire at your Tower.

I have seen the Computer dances (move in & out) with various units, most obvious with Horsemen to lure you. Their Horsemen also find opportunities to go around and hit your Archers or Swordsmen while their Pikemen keep you busy on you Horsemen.

Luckily, Novice did not use Horsemen+Charge or/and Archers+Arrowstorm or/and Catapult+Bombard/Horsemen+Fire, else I believe most people will give up. I have not played Hard yet...

Novice AI is already dancing and countering you
Normal AI overwhelms you with more units
Hard AI aggressively ATTACKS YOUR BASE!

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