Friday, May 22, 2015

Heathstone Arena - Match 1, Game 1 and 2

Hearthstone Arena

First Game

Mage vs Paladin

Bad draw but Flamestrike, Molten Giant (not sure can last to use) on hand. Just focussed to play on curve and trade minions to last till Flamestrike. I came out Water Elemental to freeze him to prevent weapon use. I had 2 minions and he had 3. I Flamestrike him to continue to freeze his hero. 3 minions now. He Gurubashi Berserker. I had to prevent him from clearing my small minion by freezing him with my Water Elemental. His freezed up Gurubashi Berserker now menacing at 8/2 now and he's smart to come out a recruit and not over-extend. I could not use my MCT. I took a gamble, which was the turning point of the game by summoning out my Bomb Lobber and it killed the Gurubashi Berserker. Then... dam, this Paladin had such stroke of luck in draft and draw. Equality+Consecration!

Then he Sunwalker, I Molten Giant and ping his shield. He rammed his Sunwalker then True Silverlight killed my Molten Giant. I top decked, he top decked, traded minions with my Yeti and a bit of face. Both no cards. I also put down my MCT to continue to go for face, since no chance to wait for his 4 minions. His small minions was cleared out by my Yeti, also ping his recruits and my 2 small minions continue to hit him with like 2 attack each. His health down to 8 and my health at 15. Any board clearance like another Consecration will be bad for me now, as I was all in. Suddenly, he quitted. Phew! Most gruelling 1st game. Recorded the win at Heartharena as a way of thanking them and feeding them back the statistics.

For all you know, if it goes well, I may donate to them through Paypal.

The Flamestrike gave me the momentum to continue to pressure to lethal him.

The Bomb Lobber saved my ass.

Arena first blood at 1-0.

Second Game

Mage vs Paladin (again...)

Another dreaded Paladin.

I believed his first few cards was bad. Mine was a perfect draw, 1, 2, 3, 5. Mana Wrym, Annoy-o-tron, Arcane Golem, Bomb Lobber with coin! Later the Spider Tank came in.

The turning point was I Spider Tank he Spider Tank, I coined, charged my Mana Wrym and came out the Bomb Lobber killed his Spider Tank instantly. His came out 3 minions Earthen Ring Farseer, Minibot and Recruit. I killed them perfectly with by pinging the shield off the Minibot and my 3 minions Yeti at 4/4, Annoy 1/2 no shield and Spider Tank at 2/3 (he swapped my attack and health with a spare part???). At that time, I was left with 3 1-health minions which I also tried to bait out his Consecration by putting out my Flesheating Goul earlier which was by now 5/3. If he used Consecration, my Flesheating Goul will survive and be 8/1 and I would ram it to his face threatening closer to lethal him and I still had my Arcane Golem on hand and Water Elemental which would deny him the use of True SliverLight. That's the plan. Lord and behold, his draft pick and draw had Equality+Avenging Wrath. The last shot hit the Flesheating Goul, so heart wrenching!

Oh well, plan B. Came out 3 minions 1 being Water Elemental, but still reserve the MCT in case he decided to go all out. He was very shrewd and stopped at 3 minions, not sure out of mana or played intelligently. His health at 13 I guessed. I calculated my damage and went for lethal to his face, with the 3 minions on board, Arcane Golem charge which gave him an irrelevant mana crystal, Frostbolt and still have 2 mana 1 ping which was not needed.

I must say the Bomb Lobber saved my ass again.

Arena run now 2-0.

Follow me with my Arena adventures ahead.

Everyone, get in here!

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