Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Grand Tournament - Now Available!

Finally, TGT is now available! For some, it might be the longest August in their life since Blizzard announced they would release TGT in August. I started a game against them but have not opened up my 50 TGT packs yet. I will like my son to have the pleasant surprise of opening the packs.

First thing I notice is a tough 5 health minion which is not easy to remove with classic cards unless with combo (e.g. Rogue Poison blade with SI:7). From my experience with Tavern Brawl, some low cost minion like Lowly Squire can snowball to a high attack minion if not removed immediately but expensive to remove with a spell. Multiple inspire minions can take advantage of one or even multiple power-ups & worse if power-ups cost 1 in a single turn.

My experience with Joust was sub-par.

Also, be careful of Acid Maw as it can be a double-edge sword killing your minions if damaged by hero power. However, if used properly, it can be a board clear with UTH. Lock and Load is over-powered or OP as it is like a Gadgetzan Auctioneer, draw spell, play spell, rinse and repeat.

Have fun!

Update: I also realised there are quite a few 6-toughness minions that are difficult to deal with at mid-game. E.g. Maiden of the Lake, Tournament Medic, Frigid Snobold, Pit Fighter, Twilight Guardian, Master Jouster. Suddenly, I felt that the classic deck of 3 or 4 attack weapons does not cut it anymore. Hmmm...

Just let my son opened the pre-released 50 Packs bundle I purchased. My favorite being Legendary Eadric the Pure (7 mana, Battlecry: Change all enemy minions' attack to one). Mass Aldor Peacekeeper over-powered card. First Equality, now Eadric, my goodness.

Update 2: Just read Reynad picks and his no. 1 pick is Lock and Load. I have been the receiving end as well as the dishing out of Lock and Load in Tavern Brawl (forced to do 5 Tavern Brawl wins quest). Goodness, it was really OP! Lock and Load, hunter's mark, arcane shot, hunter's mark, tracking, traps etc. it just kept on going... I shared this with a friend in Hearthstone.

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