Thursday, August 27, 2015

[TGT] Dragon Priest OP

I encountered 2 TGT Dragon Priest decks already. Absolutely no chance. Here are some samples.

I was totally overrun. My Oil Rogue could not kill anything. Their health or/and attack all got boosted and taunts all over from Battlecry so I could not do anything. Then Blackwing Corruptors started to snipe you like a stronger verison of my SI:7...

Cards with synergy include:
  1. Twilight Whelp [BRM]
  2. Blackwing Technician [BRM]
  3. Wrymrest Agent [TGT]
  4. Twilight Guardian [TGT]
  5. Blackwing Corruptors [BRM]
  6. Justicar Trueheart [TGT]
  7. Chillmaw [TGT]
More updates later...

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