Thursday, September 10, 2015

[TGT] Arena Paladin

I started arena again after I took a long break and drafted paladin. First run and I had a 6-3.

Some of the cards I felt that are OP or overpowered:
  1. Murloc Knight - esp. power up and get another Murloc Knight + a Silverhand Recruit
  2. Seal of Champion - basically a free kill at the early stages
  3. Mukla's Champion - if you have board or Muster for Battle before hand
  4. Kvaldir Raider - somewhat effective since it's only a single threat
If you see them in arena drafts, my recommendation is to pick them.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

[TGT] Secret Paladin

I am playing a low cost version of the TGT Secret Paladin. Anything with low cost and card draw, I am very interested.

Many versions now exist. List down a few in "Read more"

Top 20 Legend New Meta Deck – Secret Paladin! (2,380 dust)

Updated TGT Secret Paladin

2 Avenge
2 Blessing of Wisdom
1 Competitive Spirit
1 Noble Sacrifice
1 Redemption
1 Repentance
2 Argent Squire
2 Secretkeeper
1 Equality
2 Annoy-o-Tron
2 Argent Protector
2 Knife Juggler
2 Shielded Minibot
2 Divine Favor
2 Muster for Battle
2 Truesilver Champion
1 Quartermaster
2 Mysterious Challenger

I have played the updated version and substituted out 1 Mysterious for Eadric the Pure. Somehow, the games I lost because they board clear or I have no draw or I have no board clear later or no way to remove the BIG minion or go through their taunt (esp. TGT Dragon Priest). Also no burst to finish them off when their health was low also costed me games so they healed and I lost. Secretkeeper was gimmicky. Usually it dies before more secrets can be played to buff her. Also Mysterious Challenger anti-synergy with Secretkeeper. Needs some refinement.

-2 Secretkeeper (gimmicky and anti-synergy with MC)
-1 Truesilver Champion (painful drop for Coghammer)
-1 Mysterious Challenger (1 is enough)
+2 Murloc Knight (they're dead if they do not clear)
+1 Coghammer (I need a taunt)
+1 Consecration (I need a board clear)

I still need to go pass taunts... It plays like a face hunter lol.

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