Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Secret Paladin

I have not been posting for a while. Secret Paladin might be an old deck after LoE came out. However, I still like to post this due to 3 potent points.

1. It recks me
2. It is fast (win or lose, good for ranking)
3. No Legendaries (cheap)

I am not sure whether to rename this deck to Sickening Paladin if you cannot kill the Secret Keeper/Knife Juggler and it starts to buff up/knife you and gets redemption etc. Even with board clears, the divine shield (shielded minibot, coghammer) protects the buff up (avenge, BOK) minion. So, it can be a bit annoying. Anyway, this plays a bit like face Hunter. Credits to Muirhead.

There are definitely different flavors of it, like replacing Piloted Shredders with TrueSilver Champions or 1 Quarter-Master. It is fast off the block, thins the deck and sickening draw to keep the pressure up. Perhaps the new Reno decks with board clears is one of the counters and of course, freeze mages. If you can kill the buff up Mysterious Challenger (sequence - Repentance/Noble sacrifice, Avenge, Redemption & Competitive Spirit) with a BGH or removal, it can be devastating for them as they do not not have legendaries.

Bonus video

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