Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hearthstone LoE Strategy Guide - The Temple of Orsis

The Temple of Orsis

Personally, I used Dragon Priest to clear the whole 1st wing. After playing, I recommend the following below.


Normal: Draw a card. Give your opponent a Wish.
Heroic: Draw a card. Gain a Mana Crystal. Give your opponent a Wish.

For normal, I guess you can clear with any class. You will have an easy time with Priest, Rogue, Mage and Mill Druid. My son even cleared it with Face Hunter.
For Heroic, I will recommend Flamewaker/Mana Wyrm Spell Mage and Mill Rogue.

Recommended Class: Normal (any class), Heroic (Mage, Rogue, Druid)
Recommended Cards: Flamewaker, Mana Wyrm, Frostbolt, Mirror Image, Ice Lance, Fireball, Flamecannon.

Sun Raider Phaerix

Normal: (Passive) Phaerix is Immune while he controls the Rod of the Sun.
Heroic: The Staff will gain a +3/+3 boost whenever Phaerix has control of it, and the player will not benefit from having control of the Staff.

For normal mode, I played Dragon Priest and it was a breeze. I reckon Deathlord Priest with Divine Shield, Inner Fire, Lightwells, Light of Naaru, Velen's Chosen, Lightwarden, Dark Cultist, Holy Champion, Temple Enforcer and Kel'Thuzad will do the trick. Tip, bring SW:Pain and Death, and Acidic Swarm Ooze.

Recommended Class: Priest
Recommended Cards: Shadow Word: Pain and Death, Deathlord or Sunfury Protector, Divine Spirit, Inner Fire, Lightwell; Silence or Ironbeak Owl, Acidic Swarm Ooze.

Temple Escape

Escape!: Encounter new obstacles! (Every turn)

No opposing Hero health, just minions and 1 trap. Just watch out for Turn 6 - Look out! The ceiling's collapsing!

Recommended Class: Normal (Priest), Heroic (Freeze Mage)
Recommended Cards: All the Freezing spells, Ice Barrier, Ice Block, Doomsayer


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