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Spartania: Casual Strategy Guide & Tips - Part 2

Spartania Offensive Strategy/Tips

If I have the chance to buy ambrosia and replay Spartania: Casual Strategy all over again, I would have done it differently. I did mention that in my previous post after reviewing the lowest level top 50 player GodIsAlive/JesusIsKing (currently level 32 / rank 26) and also Xinot20002645 who has just overtaken MisterE to be No. 1.
Update: I will review Dennsimus and pablomat who are very successful at low levels right now since the game rules have changed a bit.

Firstly, I would have spent some money to get the 2nd builder immediately. No commission for that, but kind of save you a lot of heartache, trouble and time to get that 2nd builder.

Secondly, this game favors the aggressor or attacker which I would have devoted all or most of my resources to my offensive upgrades. Why? E.g. If you pour in 3/4 of your resources to offense, you can defeat an opponent who put in 1/2 of his resources in defence, simple Maths. Of course you can argue about good defensive formation and bad offensive troop release but if the gap is too wide, you will be overrun. Also, you can get back your resources quickly by looting barbarians/players. Contrary, getting them organically from gold mines and food producers takes forever.

Let us take a look at Dennisimus offense who has reached top 50 at an impressive of only level 41.

Spectacular, but nothing special about it. Maximum level 20 (now raised to max 30) troops which is expected since he is in the top 50. However, an observation is that there are about 3 rows of archers since they are capable of taking down static defenses at long range at a safe distance. Archers at level 20 can be devastating which I would call for a nerf against buildings. Similar to other top 50 low level players like Xinot20002645 (I suspect maybe bots since there are quite a number of them with same prefix) as well. What is surprising and common is that there is no horse (could be take long time to upgrade and dies easily).

Let's take a look at the defence.

I have visited the rest of the top 50 low level players like pablomat and GodIsAlive/JesusIsKing. They have one thing in common. With the exception of Castle and static defences, the rest of the buildings are at low levels or level 1! Some do not even have gold mines at all! But all this makes sense since they need the upgrades in offense and looting barbarians of same or lower levels with super offensive upgrades will have no or minimal loses. Hypothetically, if you always stay on the offensive screen, you can never get attacked by barbarians. However without defence, you are unable to get ambrosia bottles to speed up your upgrades.

Offensive Strategy/Tips

  1. 2nd Builder - Get the second builder immediately
  2. Offensive Upgrades - Prioritize and speed up your upgrades in offense, especially tanks.
  3. Troop Release - My release. The trick is to spread out the damage without dying.
Overrun Technique - Barbarians/Weak Players
    • Elephant (*Update: they are really slow after the update)
    • Archers
    • Magicians (I have seen high level players releasing magicians first)
    • 1st tank
    • Commander
    • Tanks (1-by-1 spaced a distant apart)
    • Horses (time them so they converge with the last tank)
    ©Time-release Technique - Similar or Slightly higher level Players
    • Elephant (*Update: they are really slow after the update)
    • Archers (if enemy horses in front, then 1 tank after a few archers to buffer first). If things gets ugly, I will use the freeze spell on the horde of elephants, tanks/soldiers and horses
    • Magicians
    • 1st tank
    • Commander
    • Tanks (1-by-1. Always a tank tanking in front. This is where skill and judgement comes in. Away from the archer towers if possible but far enough so that your archers and magicians are not hit by splash damage by their elephant, magicians and other melee units. Careful, overwhelming forces esp. with soldiers can push your tank backwards)

  1. Horses

  2. Freeze Spell(s) - esp. on group of level 30 archer towers (priority) and catapults. Watch out for the level 30 horses all the way back. You will need to reserve 1 freeze spell for them. I will cover on the advance tips in part 4.

  3. Empty Base Technique - Players several higher levels than you
    • Overun technique if you are confident, Or else, stick to time-release technique. Perhaps switching the elephant to be in front of the tanks to spread out the damage.
      1. Arena - I do not find them enticing now, since I am only level 34. Perhaps level 40. Also entrance needs gold and no ambrosia bottles for winning. Looting barbarians achieve the resources and defending barbarians get ambrosia bottles to speed up upgrades. *Update: I am over level 50 now. Farm your barbarians often so that you have gold to scan your lower level opponents preferably, if not same or slightly higher level opponents. Of course, very high level opponents with no troops is a also a must try. Try your best not to have your chest queue empty.
      2. Revenge - Do not willy-nilly get your troops killed. Scout them and only attack them when they have been overrun by barbarians and waiting for the reinforcement. They have 6 mins and usually I will not spend the ambrosia bottles to reinforce immediately. So scout them whenever you are free. Make them paranoid after attacking you. *Update: Do not revenge unless you are desperate to have a chest or you are too low level to attack anyone. Not only does it give you just 10 trophies, it also reduces your shield protection by 3 hours. Worse, you lose both.
      Just for the record, it is an honor for Marketing Manager Kfir of Spartonix, makers of Spartania to visit our blog. I will reply to them soon.


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