Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Spartania: Casual Strategy Guide & Tips - Part 3

Spartania Advance Guide/Strategy/Tips

Are you still with me and playing Spartania Casual Strategy? Great! Then, you are ready for the advanced strategies of this game.

Defensive Upgrades

My initial strategy was to upgrade my troops and buildings evenly throughout the whole camp to quickly get the most advanced unit aka the Elephant. While that was far and good, it did not stop the other players and barbarians from raiding me successfully. You see, you can use 24 units effectively in offense by deploying the troops enmass in a bunch or tactically stretching your meatshields BUT you can only "station" your defensive troops which limit your units' effectiveness to about about 8 to 10 units (including static defense) engaging at the frontline at any one time. Let's explain with an example to be clearer. These were taken a while back from turtle (but still valid), one of the leaders. There are however, many good examples of defenses like MisterE, Arya, kwasapijak, vietnam, vidock, EchoMike, kingofkings, etc.

1st thing I noticed was he had focussed fire (similar to my defense) with 8 ranged units engaging the frontline if you tried to rush him.
  1. If fact, his static defense was better as he had 3 (mine was 2) almost vertically aligned. I called this the valley of death.
  2. Then, he had his meatshields units to block you from reaching his static defenses. I would have put the elephant in front according to speed. Well, perhaps he wanted to lessen the AoE.
  3. The most intimidating of all, all the static defenses and units are fully upgraded to his max level.
  4. The buildings were not fully populated but placed the farthest away from you with some buildings spaced in front to completely throw off your timing.
  5. The archer towers are placed wide apart such that you cannot freeze both of them at the same time.
A lot of people actually did not pay particular attention to max level upgrade for each building/unit. A max 30 level upgrade for a unit is (1.1)30 ≈ 17.45 x base hp or dmg. So, a max level 30 unit can dish out an exponential amount of damage or have an obscene amount of hp and not linear as opposed to what they thought. Defensively, the unit's building also got upgraded. The base hp of buildings were usually much higher than the units' hp. So high level archers which were so effective at decimating low level buildings suddenly became not as effective taking out high hp buildings esp. archer towers, catapults and resource buildings. Heck, the archers were not even so effective at taking out level 30 unit buildings themselves. That was probably one of the reasons for the recent building -10% hp nerf.

Recommendation: Upgrade every defensive building to the maximum for your level (except resource building unless you want to use them as meatshield) before getting a new unit. Prioritize elephants, static defenses and horses first. Yes, it will be slow and painful but you will turn out much stronger in the long run.

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