Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Spartania: Casual Strategy Guide & Tips - Part 4

Spartania Advance Guide/Strategy/Tips - Part 4 (Offensive Upgrades)

Firstly, I would not get frustrated when I was being attacked and lost. I knew you needed the treasure chest and also you needed to complete the daily quest. Secondly, I also apologized that I attacked you a bit too often which was way over the limit of the treasure chest queue and daily quest. I will explain later.

Offensive Upgrades

Two school of thoughts for offensive upgrade. Upgrade evenly or max upgrade 1 unit then the next. I tried to upgrade evenly initially, up till about level 23 for the units. While it was effective when I won overwhelmingly since minimal troop lost, I was not really gauranteed a win when I was down to my bones i.e. archers left. While the max upgrade 1 unit method was not as beneficial as defense since the tents did not play a role in offense (surprisingly if you checked, the tents had hp), there were a few reasons and ways for doing that. Again, I like to use turtle as an example since he was so effective. These were taken a while back but his strategy did not change, just 2 more freeze spell pillars perhaps. Other offensive references included MisterE, kwasapijak and vietnam.

I did a ballpark comparison. A level 30 archer was almost twice as effective as a level 23 archer. It meant that 4 level 30 archers would be almost equivalent to 8 level 23 archers. So, as long as your archers survived and perhaps 1 other max upgraded unit esp. magician or horse, you would be able to take down all the buildings in time. If your archers were fully upgraded, you would also be able to take down all the buildings if you had ample time.

So this is my current upgrade strategy:

  1. Upgrade my last archer 1 at a time to max.
  2. Upgrade my ice pillar, convert horse/magician/tank to ice pillar, convert upgraded ice pillar to respective unit, upgrade ice pillar, rinse and repeat. Place the upgraded unit last.

Why 1? Archers at the backline and esp the last rarely got killed. So, it was relatively safer to upgrade the last archer directly. As it got stronger, it became harder to be killed. I could also react in time by surrendering if the situation really went south.

Why 2? What was the most feared and most frustrating thing for this game? I could not complete and lost my attack, thereby losing trophies, troops and shield? Nope. Actually, I felt it would be the lost of my upgrading unit(s). That would be the most devastating blow to my whole campaign. My overall effectiveness reduced. Ice pillar to the rescue. Not only was the ice pillar still effective in battle, I could attack without fear of losing an upgrading unit. Also conversion took 3 seconds and resource were plenty. The trick was to upgrade 1 unit of each type. I upgraded across i.e. horse, magician then tank. I would need to upgrade the ice pillar twice before the next cycle of horse upgrade. As mentioned, as long as 1 unit + archers survived I would likely win in time.

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