Monday, August 7, 2017

Clash of Kings - The West: Forging Guiding

I dedicate one guide to forging equipment to show how important it is.

Clash of Kings Club has covered a very comprehensive intermediate guide on forging equipment guide so I will not repeat it here.

Let's start with the workshop.

  1. Almost towards the bottom right, pay close attention to the smelting button. You can change it to green and you should do it. We want to start off with green and synthesize them to at least purple. The white ones can be acquired through free gift, monster drops, equipment chests etc.
  2. On the bottom left, there is a queue. You should be able to activate 3 of them with ease. First being free, second 1 gold, third 10 gold, fourth 100 gold, subsequently 300 gold each. Without research speed up, it will take 8 hrs to clear one and a full 24 hrs to clear the queue. After first full speed up (-30%), it takes 6 hrs 18 min to clear one.

The workshop cannot be upgraded. In order to speed up the production of stones, research has to be done at the college with a caveat, research stones. Previously, research stone drops were very rare. CoK TW just recently implemented Novia's gift which provided quite a fair number of research stones. Use them primarily to speed up stones production.

I will post more later...

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