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Avalon Wars - Unit Overview

Avalon Wars - Unit Overview



Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: Medium/High/High
- All-rounder Xeno Attack Unit.
- The most reliable Xeno Attack Unit.
- No especially obvious weaknesses. Hit Rate is good (see tips below) and defence is relatively high for Xeno Units.
- Pretty much essential for farming Xeno 6-Star and in PVP vs aircraft in positions 1, 2 or 3
- Make Sure you train your Faction Pyrotic Expert Honor Hero (Owen/Alexia/Uyugal). As you will need a good pyrotic hero late game and the honor hero is the only good pyrotic expert in the game. if you like using xeno... I recommend you use Syndicate because Owen is way better than Alexia and Uyugal. The Rumor Pyrotic Hero (Sigma-818) has very low statistics and is therefore useless late game
- Pyrotic + level 30 Xman formation gets VERY CLOSE to 100 percent hit-rate
- Pyrotics actually have a stronger natural attack than Champions
- Pyrotic + NDA Implant is usually powerful enough to 1-hit ko any aircraft... remember theres no shields/armor versus xeno attacks...

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: High/Medium/Low
- Medics have a high base healing rate... but the healing rate grows much more slowly than the attack rate of all other units.
- This means medics heal a very high percentage of damage in the early days, but a very low percentage of damage in the late game.
- If you are in a new server and you get some very good shields and armor very quickly - you can dominate the early game by using a medic to tank all the damage upfront. You might even even be able to get away with not putting armor/shields on all the units behind the medic - meaning you can save teleports and credits for other things.
- Late game - it is normal for attacking units do do 50-100percent damage to your units; whilst your medics are only healing 10-20percent.. so the relative damage incurred-damage healed ratio becomes really bad to the point that medics become useless.

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: High/Low/Low
- works very well in the early game with medics.
- because damage output is overall usually very low in the early game, astrotics becomes the only unit that can 1-hit ko enemies.
- if you one-hit ko an enemy - they cant be healed by medics - so you bypass the medics special ability.
- because damage output in the early in the game - it is quite safe to gamble with the astrotic low hit rate. Put it another way - if you know you are going to fight for only 1 or 2 rounds of combat - then your astrotic only gets 2 chances to hit. But if you know you are going to fight for 5-10 rounds of combat... then your astrotic gets 5-10 chances to hit.... AND the 5-10 round combats usually occur in the early game.

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: Medium/High/Very High
- not as important in the early game because early game combat usually lasts a few rounds and so aircraft get charged over time anyway
- furthermore, ghosts heavily rely on having really good ghost-expert heros. The first ghost-expert hero is the 4-Star Kanlumon... who can take quite a while to get. Without a ghost expert (Kanlumon [4star rumor hero], Kappa [5star rumor hero], Monica [5star Federal honor hero]), your ghosts will be very unreliable... and will make your game very much a very risky one.
- late game - you pretty much MUST use ghosts with hawks/vultures/griffins if you want to be able to damage the enemy quick enough. In the late game... Damage-per-Second ("DPS") is the most important objective... the quicker you wipe the enemy... the less chance they have to attack you back.

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: NA/High/Medium
- not really avaliable in the early game because it is a lvl 20 unit
- very strong in the mid-game because (1) lasers are not yet avaliable - so you cant do gigantic damage without a navigator and (2) lemmings are not yet avaliable - so its difficult for your navigators to get 1-shot ko whilst you wait for the first few turns to do a massive charge up of your aircraft.
- the idea behind navigators is that you must simply buy time by tanking damage until you can release a massiv 130-180 percent charge
- late game - when lasers are available - you dont need the extra power that much... and furthermore... you are quite vulnerable to lemmings if you use 4 xeno units in a single formation.

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: NA/Very High/Very High (farming).... NA/Low/Low (PVP)
- probably the most important farming unit....
- its usefulness in PVP is questionable though - for the same reasons as medics (see medics above)

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: NA/NA/MEDIUM
- If you get lucky and hit 100 percent with Psykiks - you can beat anyone without taking any damage because Psykiks stun on hit.
- However - there are only 2 Psykik experts (Malik [5 star rumor hero] and M'nyarqu [5 star syndicate honor hero]) - so only syndicate can really run a level 30 xman + 2x psykik formation effectively.
- without xman level 30 and psykik experts - the hit rate is too unrelaible for psykiks to be used effectively in the late game.
- I would argue that psykiks are probably the most useless unit in the game... because they are only avaliable in the late game... and they are only useful in the early game (for the same reason astrotics are useful in the early game.. viz. low overall damage - so can last several rounds of combat)



Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: Very High/Medium/High*
- The most reliable unit in the early game
- all round defense and attack
- Syndicate has the best Knight honor hero (Leonardo 151 Courage).... and this makes a huge difference in the early game... combined with the best Pyrotic honor hero (Owen 155 Wisdom)... Syndicate will dominate the early game.... Pick Syndicate if you want early game control.
- DO NOT fire your knight heros late game... Knights have the special ability to carry 3-5 times more resources than any other unit. When you want to punish someone in PVP... deplete their regiment then send 5x knights when you are comfortable you can defeat them with 5 knights only. You will plunder 30-70k resources per hit!!! It is the only real way to knock players out of the game.....

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: High/Medium/Low
- quite good in the early game because most people use claw formation at the start - meaning you can hit the two units in position 2 and 5.
- late game, lancers get annilihated by aircraft before they can attack. Usually you need to put lancers in the middle row... meaning they never attack first...

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: Medium/Medium/High
- good (but not as good as lancers) in the early game because can hit multiple units
- better than lancers in the middle game becasuse you can sit them in position 1 and rake the ever-popular arrow formations' front row for decent damage.
- late game with lemmings (or better) - they are pretty much essential for opening up the front row to expose aircraft at the middle and back Rows (position 5+8 in arrow formation)
- If you love templers - play Terran because they are the only faction that can get a 5-star Templer Hero (Wayne - 177 Courage)

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: High/Low/VERY BAD
- good in early game becasuse they hit everything - and so you dont need to worry about positions so much.
- late game they are suicide because they do low damage and simply charge aircraft (even with lemmings)

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: Low/Medium/High
- useless in early game because ghosts are rare in early game (and if they exist.. they usually have low natural hit rate anyway)
- medium-late game - you will start to notice their xeno hit-rate reduction special ability.
- if you can stop a ghost from charging an aircraft - you stand a much higher chance of winning the battle / suffering significantly less damage.
- make sure you're constantly leveling a dragoon hero (Issac 4 star rumor hero; Eta 5 star rumor hero; Porter 5 star federal honor hero) - as you will need at least one late game if you want the slimmest chance to stop monster ghost heros like Kappa and Monica

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: NA/Low/Low
-not avaliable in early game
- mid-late game - high level aircraft are avaliable that can 1-hit ko all synthetic units including paladins.
- weak attack + defence is not good enough to tank a charged air-unit = all round useless unit

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: NA/NA/Medium
- not avaliable in early/mid game
- weak defence is not an issue because all synthetic units get 1-hit ko by air anyway
- strong attack means you stand a better chance of 1-hit ko enemy ghosts before they can charge aircraft. But if you're on the defence... you'll be attacking second anyway - so champions are much more useful on attack than defence.
- champions are annilihated by ghost+hawk in positions 1,2.... your opponent won't need navigators to annilihate champions



LV01: Eagle
Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: Low/Medium/High
- overall pretty good unit. It is only classified as low in early game because falcons are way better in the early game
- their ability to become invulnerable after being charged should be used to gain heavy tactical advantage. If positioned correctly... your whole regiment can become invulerable.... for example... Hook formation with ghost-eagle in positons 1+2 (and anything else in positions 4,6,9) is pretty much invulnerable to the ever-popular arrow 12358 ghost-nav-nav-vulture-pyrotic.
- Patrik (terran honor hero) and Abraham (Federal honor hero) are the best eagle experts because they have high wisdom (52 base) - meaning they stand a good chance to tank a pyrotic hit when you are caught out on defence.
- I would argue that it is more important to enlighten Wisdom than instinct in eagle heros... because the point to eagles is to defend... not specifically to attack.

LV05: Hawk
Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: Medium/Very High/High
- Probably the BEST unit in the game.
- not really much to say other than charge it up (ghost+nav)... make sure it doesnt get killed before it releases its charge... and Boom.
- do note that it has the weakest attack of all the aircraft units- so you'll usually need to compensate for its lack of power with a few navigators + arrow formation
- in the late game - hawks do get sniped by vultures though... so they lose some of their effectiveness..

LV10: Falcon
Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: Very High/Medium/Low
- probably the only air unit that does enough damage uncharged to warrant being awarded a "very high" rating in the early game.
- youll need them early game to knock out knights.
- late game - they only hit one unit at a time, even when charged... so their overall DPS is way too low... especially when you need to use two troop slots.. ghost+falcon... to charge it

Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: High/Medium/Low
- quite good in early game because its difficult to 1-hit ko in early game - so rocs get a chance to heal themselves.
- mid-late game - you're gonna get 1-hit ko if you're in the front row - so never get a chance to heal... and youre unlikely to get damaged before you drain health from enemies if youre in the back rows...
- do note that ROCs cant heal more than their initial Hitpoint capacity...

LV20: Raptor
Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: Low/Low/Low
- useless on defence - because enemy can just move air units around to avoid raptor energy-drain ability
- difficult to use on attack - because you need to setup regiment to time raptor strike after enemy ghost charge but before aircraft release.
- good natural attack/defence though... but special ability is the hardest and most useless of all aircraft
- do note that the energy steal is about 50percent... not 100percent!

LV25: Vulture
Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: na/VeryHigh*/VeryHigh
- not avaliable in early game
- Very High* rating in middle game assuming that a lot of hawks are running amok... VULTURES ARE HAWK KILLERS... PERIOD.
- Very High rating in late game because everyone has access too all units by this point in game... so when enemies switch to hawks - you switch to vultures.
- do note that vultures actualy have very good defence... second only to raptors.

LV30: Griffin
Early/Mid/Late Game Importance: na/na/Medium
- attack and critical rate second only to falcon
- cannot easily hit that back row like vultures can... so even though they are stronger... they very much behind vultures in terms of tactical flexibility.
- remember you need to charge them before they can do their SWEEP attack. this means you cannot simply put a griffin in position 1 and rake the front row immediately like a templer can.
- in the ever-popular arrow+hawk/vulture formations... the front row usually is full of Xeno units... which have high natural defence versus air.

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