Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hero Academy Strategy - Shaolin Strategy

Lost to a very good Shaolin player recently while I was using TF2. I thought I had the upper hand as I jarated and killed both Taoist. One Taoist left.

  • Lone Toaist parked on deployment square surrounded by last crystal, units and Shadow, impossible to stomp and resurrection by Shadow. Learnt that, medic can do the same next time on deployment square.
  • Poisoned one of my medics. I believe the other medic was hit by Windblade with bamboo in front. Killed both my medics with Dragons + Bamboo (one out, another later).
  • Without medic support, killed my units without stomping.
  • Killed his units and stomp, his units combo and Shadow converted my Heavy and retaliated. After that, don't dare to be so impulsive.
  • Used my converted Heavy to mass damage my units. Finally killed Heavy and stomp. Can't heal = dead.

One of the best loses!
I even complimented my opponent for teaching me so much.

Advanced Tip: A resurrected Monk (loses all equipment) is treated as a new unit and can tag another unit for -250. Enjoy.

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