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Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain: Molten Core Strategy

Cleared Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain: Molten Core on my first night with my basic decks plus cards from Curse of Naxxramas. Similar to Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain: Blackrock Depths I cleared on the first night, you must take note of the computer's heroic powers before and when you play them.

Without further ado, let's burn in...


Garr's Heroic Power is deal 1 damage to all minions (including his own). What's the perfect hero for it? You've guessed it. Warrior enrage deck. The class challenge showed me the way later. I cleared first time with Priest as I do not know what was the Garr's Heroic Power and usually from experience, Priest do well in adventures.

Things to note is his 7 Firesworn minions, each of which deal a certain amount of damage for each one that dies during a turn. That's just 1 damage in Normal mode, but it goes up to a whopping 3 in Heroic. Even if you managed to pick them off individually, that would be 21 damage. On top of that, they stack. If two die at the same time in a single turn, each one does 6 damage. You can see how easily this can get out of hand.

Also Garr uses Druid spells as one of 1st spell to come out was Mark of Wild (+2/+2 Taunt) enabling the 0/5 Firesworn minion to become 2/7 with Taunt and attack. So pack some Silences, IBO or/and Mass Dispels with you. Disrupt each Firesworn health differently so that they die individually and not altogether. Use the 1 damage to your advantage to heal and draw cards with Northshire Cleric. Heck, Nerubian Eggs help too. Power Word Shield, Divine Spirit and Dark Cultists helped me a ton as I managed to bring the health so high that they are unkillable. Remember Grim Patron in the 1st Wing? Here, you can make full use of it to populate the whole board. Good luck!

Recommended Class: Priest/Warrior
Recommended Cards: Silences, Mass Dispel, Northshire Cleric (F), Dark Cultist, Divine Spirit (F), Power Word Shield (F), IBO, Grim Patron, Enraged minions, Rampage, Nerubian Egg

Baron Geddon

I used Priest again to clear this. However, some recommended to use Mage. I used Mage but barely lost on the 1st try, so I switched to Priest to get ridiculously high heath again. Things to note are always fully spend your mana by using your heroic power to health yourself even when full health or ping with mage.

He'll sometimes cast a spell that will turn one of your own minions into a 5-damage (normal) time bomb, and very frequently he won't play anything for you to hit it with to kill it before it goes off. You can counter it by silencing it with IBO or Priest Silences, or kill it with Shadow Words (Abusive Sergeant + Shadow Word Death if it is at 4 attack). I usually Power Word Shield + Divine Shield my minion's health so high that it survives the 5 damage.

Recommended Class: Priest
Recommended Cards: Holy Smite (F), Northshire Cleric (F), Dark Cultist, Divine Spirit (F), Power Word Shield (F), Shadow Words (F), IBO, High Health Minions

Majordomo Executus

While the first 2 stages were a walk in the park, the final stage was also easy it seemed until he reached close to 10 health or 8 mana. Sounds familiar? Yes, Molten Giants! He will flood the board with Molten Giants and I thought big deal, let's finish him off and get it over and done with. Boy, was I wrong. When you kill him the 1st time, he will summon Ragnaros with 8 health and dam where did he get the other 8 armor from.

So second try, I used Warlock to make sure I have ample cards to flood the board. I'm more careful when his health is about 18 or he has 8 mana to summon his first Molten Giant, I flood the board with as many high attack minions as I can. Also, make sure I have both my Sludge Belchers on board and other taunts if it survives. Why? You'll need them to block the Molten Giants attacks so that your wave of high attack minions can deliver the second death blow of 16 damage.

Shacknews recommended Paladin and board-clearing combos like Wild Pyromancer/Equality/Consecration to clear the Molten Giants. Perhaps Priest Light Bomb will do too. Standard anti-Handlock cards I guess. Btw, his spells are Warlock like Siphon Soul etc.

Recommended Class: Paladin, Warlock
Recommended Cards: Feugen and Stalagg, Emperor (if you have it from previous Wing), Sludge Belchers (definitely a must). Paladin - Aldor Peacekeeper, Muster for Battle, Quartermaster, Tirion Fordring, Pyromancer/Equality/Consecration

There you have it, cheap and expensive way of clearing. Good luck!

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