Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Room Walkthrough Epilogue

The Room Epilogue Walkthrough.

I have just finished The Room as it was on sale from last Christmas till New Year.

If you want The Room Walkthrough Chapter 1 to Chapter 4, The Room Walkthrough has a very comprehensive guide with screenshots. I will only provide you with the additional chapter of The Epilogue, as it is not complete and it has no screenshots. Also, I am providing you the spoilers in show/hide sections so that you can still enjoy and solve the rest of the puzzles yourself. I will just kick-start you a little bit as the rest of the puzzles are pretty obvious.

Btw, I have completed all the puzzles already.

1. Hand Print

Put on your eyepiece to see a green ink fluorescent marking on the table

2. Square Switches

On the edge of the table, you will find a gold square switch...

3. Clips

Release the clips. Light up everything by going pass each indicator once. After which additional paths will appear. Go past each additional path individually to release the clip... I actually press the question (?) mark here for clues as I do not know what to do with the additional paths initially.

I will post along as I screenshot...

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