Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hearthstone Arena Match 1 (Mage), Game 7, Score 4-3 (final)

Hearthstone Arena

Game 7 (final)

Mage vs Mage

Turn 1 was good. He came out Mana Wrym, I answered with Flamecannon. He played Chug and Grizzly. At subsequent turns, I started to fall behind because of my draw and incomplete use of mana. Annoy-o-tron, Mad Scientist (no secrets), Earthen Farseer and Zombie Choy. He played really well with Chillwind Yeti, Questing Adventurer with coin and something else (perhaps an Orge Magi). Anyway, I fireball his Questing Adventurer and killed his other minion, leaving his Chillwind and my board clear. He came out up to 4 units one being the Imp Master. I killed the Imp generated by Imp Master and MCT, deep down hoping to steal his Dragonkin Sorcerer or at least the damaged 4/2 Chillwind. That might turn the game around a little bit. Alas, it stole the Imp Master. Next turn, he Flamestriked and he had 4 minions on board while I did not have a flamestrike on hand. Molten finally came, so Molten, Chillwind and Orge Magi but all was too little too late.

I emoted: "Well played"

Arena run final at 4-3.

Nevertheless, it is still my best run so far with the help of Heartharena. Thanks Heartharena!

Reward: 85 gold and a G&G pack.

Look out for my next arena run.

Everyone, get in here!

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