Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hearthstone Arena Match 2 (Mage), Score 1-3 (final)

Game 1

Mage vs Hunter

I was very much in control, perhaps too much control and my health went down really fast. Anyway, he had an explosive trap with my health at 4. So what could I do? Looking back, Kezan Mystic might be a worthwhile pick especially looking at the arena meta. So explosive trap and hunter's power killed me finally. He was also a turn from lethal.

Good play: Killed his Boulderfist Orge with a Fireball and a ping.
Bad play: Should have followed up to kill his 2/4 bird that increased the other minion attack by +1 with my 2 minions on board to reduce a 2 point damage by itself. I wanted to keep them for my Fen Creeper and Stormwind Champion.

His good play: Really aggressive to my face. He used a quick shot on an empty hand. Almost could not make it if not for the explosive damage trap.

Looking back, there was a Kezan Mystic offered and I did not take it. Perhaps I might try one out next time.

Arena 0-1.

Game 2

Mage vs Paladin

I played around his first avenge secret by reducing all of the minion's health to 1 and using Arcane explosion. Second time, I killed his bigger minion and had a flamecannon waiting for his 4/3 pumped up recruit. Anyway, I was very familiar with Paladin having played them myself, also many times in constructed and arena.

Good plays: Played around his avenge by AoE to kill all his minions at once. Did it again by killing the bigger minion and having the flamecannon killed his lone buffed recruit.
Bad play: Madder Bomber was really randomly harming me more than his minions. Perhaps I should clear my minions before summoning him to make sure I clear the Ironfur Grizzly taunt. I was thinking of reserving the surviving minion to hit his face. Body was good though.

Kezan Mystic would have helped here for the stealing the secret again.

Arena drew first blood 1-1.

Game 3 (loss)

Mage vs Mage
The mirror matchup game was bad. Think he has legendaries and even a Pyroblast at the end to finish me off.

Arena 1-2

Game 4 (loss)

Mage vs Mage
So close. I went for face when I saw my cards dwidling down. Perhaps should use the fireball on his Molten Giant. Then again, I'm out of cards. He had a Darkscale Healer else it will be lethal for him.

Arena 1-3

Really unlucky.

Rewards: 30 gold & 1 GvG card pack. More aggro cards now.

Oh well, time to take a break from arena and back to grinding gold for card packs. Bought some classic card packs and very fortunate to have Frothing Berserker and Big Game Hunter.

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