Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hearthstone Arena Match 3 (Mage), Score 4-3 (final)

Game 1 (lost)

Mage vs Druid

Interesting opponent as rarely Druid is a popular choice compared to Mage and Paladin. However, I did not have a good gut feeling and I was right. He consistently played value minions at every mana e.g. BRM Druid of the Flame, 2 x Druid of the Claws and that burn up most of my spells. He also cleared my minions with Starfall and Swipe. Anyway, I was trashed and trounced.

Arena 0-1. Disappointing start but not giving up.

Game 2 (won)

Mage vs Hunter

Another interesting class and according to most sites, one of the weakest arena hero as beasts synergy were needed which may not be always available.

Played very carefully and it was a long drawn out game neutralizing his explosive trap. He had 2 multi-shots with the first very unlucky hitting my mirror image and the second was good killing both my minions. I had to reset the board with flamestrike, re-do again and got his health down to 15. My Drakonid Crush gave the final push when his health was below 15.

Arena 1-1. On level terms.

Games 3 & 4 (won)

Mage vs Mage

Both mirror matches back to back. One game was really tough and patient as he had 2 Nax Shadows out after I flamestrike, gambling that I cannot kill his stealth units with another flamestrike. Pressure him by forcing him to attack with 1 Nax Shadow at 7/7 while keeping my board to 3 units max. Anyway, it's Drakonid Crush for the final push such that his 2nd Nax at 8/8 could not kill it at 9/9. Ggs.

Arena 3-1. One more game to break-even.

Games 5 (lost)

Mage vs Priest

Always an uphill task when your draw was bad and their draw was good. Very difficult to recover as they will snowball their trades unless you had a board wipe to reset. Flamestrike never came so gg. So if you had a flamestrike on hand, keep it!

Arena 3-2. One more game to break-even...

Games 6 (won) & 7 (lost final)

Mage vs Mage

Game 6 win was super tough, while game 7 lost was super easy... to him.

Arena final score 4-3. Level with my best run. Thought I could go 12 wins with 3 flamestrikes and 3 fireballs, wrong again.

Rewards 75 gold and a pack. Broke even.


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