Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hearthstone Arena Match 4 (Rogue), Score 4-3 (final)

Game 1-Priest & 2-Mage (lost)

Rogue vs Priest/Mage

My goodness, my first experience with Rogue and I thought I would be going down 0-3. Really, absolutely nothing I could do to win the first 2 games.

Arena: 0-2.

Game 3-6 (won)

Rogue vs Hunter/Druid/Warrior/Shaman

The Warrior game was perfect. He summoned out a Gurubashi and I have a lone Anu'bar out but unable to kill it. Next turn, it would have 5 attack if I attacked it but if I leave it, I am super sure he would have Whirlwind (Warrior, what do you expect) and also limited myself to summon out units because the Gurubashi could choose to kill either unit to recall or the other if no synergy or go for my face for 8 damage after Whirlwind. I decided to use my Assassination and never looked back after that.

Almost perfect play from me for all games except with a mistake from me for Shaman. But I emoted well played and I thought he panicked when I sapped his Stealth taunted Ravenhold 7/3 health back instead of the taunted Chillwind Yeti by his Sunfury Protector. I had to remove 3 taunts to get through and I read by mistake as I removed 2 (1 being the Shaman's taunt totem). Then I should have killed his Ravenhold with my Earthen Farseer and sapped his Chillwind. Anyway, he was left with 7 health and I believed he panicked. He summoned a Mech (almost fainted, thought it looked like Enhance-o-mechano) and used rock biter and blood lust and went for my 22 face, almost impossible to lethal (he forgotten the 6 damaged mech he summoned had no charge). Next turn, I had more than 7 damage (if I dagger with a damaged Armor Smith). Whew, imagine if he had cleared my board and later summon Ravenhold and I will be in a very bad situation to lethal him. Whew!

What a turnaround! Yes, I strongly believe that Heartharena could help you to draft but a lot depended on HOW well you played.

I watched my friend Ace played the other day and he was god (yes, no spelling mistake instead of good). Even under unfavorable situations like empty board or his board was cleared, he remained super calm and patient clawed his way back and usually the opponent made mistakes. No easy win for them. He mentioned he had 12 wins with Arena the other day after losing the first 2. I believed him looking at the way he played. It was the best play every turn and that run was still at 3-0 when I spectated.

Arena: 4-2

Game 7 (lost final)

Rogue vs Warlock

Dream start, coin + Defias.

All was neck-to-neck until I made a major mistake by Blade Flurry the 4/1-health and 1/1 Imp which left a 1/1 Imp and I have a 5/1 Anu'bar and summoned out my Volcanic Drake. The 1/1 Imp killed my 5/1 Anu'bar and recalled back my Volcanic Drake and the rest was history. The correct play should be kill Imp Gang Boss with dagger then Blade Flurry. That way, he would have left with an empty board and I had Volcanic Drake and Anu'bar which I can summon some others and hopefully trade/injured my Volcanic Drake and recall him back or recall something with a battlecry. Well, a lost was a lost so I learnt my mistakes :)

Final score: 4-3.

Rewards: 60 gold, Slam & card pack.

I got a good Mech Priest card Upgraded Repair Bot from the G&G card pack. Not too bad, as I initially thought it will be 0-3 white-wash.

I need to rest.

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