Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Spartania: Casual Strategy Guide & Tips - Part 4

Spartania Advance Guide/Strategy/Tips - Part 4 (Offensive Upgrades)

Firstly, I would not get frustrated when I was being attacked and lost. I knew you needed the treasure chest and also you needed to complete the daily quest. Secondly, I also apologized that I attacked you a bit too often which was way over the limit of the treasure chest queue and daily quest. I will explain later.

Offensive Upgrades

Two school of thoughts for offensive upgrade. Upgrade evenly or max upgrade 1 unit then the next. I tried to upgrade evenly initially, up till about level 23 for the units. While it was effective when I won overwhelmingly since minimal troop lost, I was not really gauranteed a win when I was down to my bones i.e. archers left. While the max upgrade 1 unit method was not as beneficial as defense since the tents did not play a role in offense (surprisingly if you checked, the tents had hp), there were a few reasons and ways for doing that. Again, I like to use turtle as an example since he was so effective. These were taken a while back but his strategy did not change, just 2 more freeze spell pillars perhaps. Other offensive references included MisterE, kwasapijak and vietnam.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

How can I miss out the launch for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus?


  1. New black and jet black finishes
  2. Splash and water resistant (about time)
  3. New Home button
  4. Dual camera (iPhone 7 Plus)
  5. 25% brighter, wide color gamut
  6. 2x faster (processor), 3x faster (graphics)
  7. Stereo, 2x louder, EarPods/AirPods
  8. 3x faster LTE
  9. IOS 10
  10. *Does not catch fire

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Spartania: Casual Strategy Guide & Tips - Part 3

Spartania Advance Guide/Strategy/Tips

Are you still with me and playing Spartania Casual Strategy? Great! Then, you are ready for the advanced strategies of this game.

Defensive Upgrades

My initial strategy was to upgrade my troops and buildings evenly throughout the whole camp to quickly get the most advanced unit aka the Elephant. While that was far and good, it did not stop the other players and barbarians from raiding me successfully. You see, you can use 24 units effectively in offense by deploying the troops enmass in a bunch or tactically stretching your meatshields BUT you can only "station" your defensive troops which limit your units' effectiveness to about about 8 to 10 units (including static defense) engaging at the frontline at any one time. Let's explain with an example to be clearer. These were taken a while back from turtle (but still valid), one of the leaders. There are however, many good examples of defenses like MisterE, Arya, kwasapijak, vietnam, vidock, EchoMike, kingofkings, etc.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explodes

Extracted from Androidpolice,

"A Samsung official speaking to Yonhap said the company estimates that less than 0.1% of Galaxy Note 7 devices sold were affected and that the root of the problem was traced back to the battery. But at several millions sold, even this small a percentage can be a hazardous risk and one Samsung is not ready to gamble with. Since the Note 7 doesn't have a removable battery, the official says that the company is about to issue a recall of all its new Galaxy Note 7 devices sold at home and abroad."

A major blow to Samsung. Well, that's good news for Apple to catch up...

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