Thursday, August 5, 2010

iMafia 3

Category: Games

Company: PlayMesh


Version: PlayMesh

Size: 3.3 MB

Price: Free 

Update: I couldn't even find iMafia in the Apple Appstore search. It looks like end of the road... So disappointing. I was about to post the pawn shop, real estate and bar quests tables.

I have been playing iMafia 3 for quite a while. This is another Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) just like World War, which has pretty simplistic graphics but uses statistics as the main gameplay. Reminds me of the good old days of Koei games like Gengkhis Khan, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, except multiplayer now. Nevertheless, addictive.

Unlike World War which emphasizes more on defense, iMafia III is completely opposite and stresses more on offense.


Firstly, iMafia 3 only loses 0.1 % of money on hand per fight. Banking costs 10% i.e. you have to lose 100 fights which you will be in the services or hospital before that. You attack once successfully and you can get back what you have lost.

Secondly, most weapons/armor/vechicles have a higher attack rating compared to defense at the same level i.e. there is no way to defend unless you have more than 4x the number of mafia members (factoring successful critical and failed evade).

Thirdly, there is no static defense to assist you unlike World War.

The income from properties will take you forever to buy Mafia members (mm) at higher levels. It is only to sustain your upkeep which I also find it difficult to keep up esp. starting with artillery.

  1. Download all Playmesh games to get all the Armani Suits to even the playing field first
  2. If you have enough $$$, buy a mm
  3. Buy batches of 10 properties at a time
  4. Equip all mm with the best attacking weapons/armor/vechicles
  5. Upgrade Critical & Evade (c&e) to the max (45%)
  6. Upgrade Stamina
  7. Bounty hunt all the time (even with a 1 damage, you will eventually strike a lottery)
Suicidesquad which is level for level even with me is much more successful than me, because of the fact that he bounty hunts all the time (more loses than wins).


  1. imafia 3 is an exciting game, and i love to play such type of games. Thanks for sharing the tips to how to install and proceed in iphone. Thanks for a good stuff.

  2. You're most welcome, Plumbers Birmingham. Help me to spread the word around please.

  3. I enjoyed playing this. It was a shame to see Playmesh pull the plug on it.

  4. Haypi Kingdom to the Happy rescue. Refer me leather1 (number one) if you register. Read my blog posts for strategy updates & personal experiences. Join my alliance Avatar if you like.


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