Sunday, September 5, 2010

Haypi Kingdom - Tips

Haypi Kingdom iPhone Tips

  1. Hide your troops by hunting before going offline.
  2. Maximize your resources by upgrading. Hide your resources by selling highest at the market (need people). You can cancel them anytime and get them back (NOT the people). Of course upgrade your cranny (that may not help much due to repeated attacks)
  3. Command your troops when attacking / defending (if you are online). Never leave them unattended.
  4. You cannot attack a city/sub-city more than 5 times a day. Each consecutive attack in progress gets longer and longer... I believe it is 1/2 hr added on per consecutive attack.
  5. You can only take over a sub-city
  6. You need to attack a sub-city 10 times consecutively to bring the loyalty down from 100 to 0 to take over the sub-city. So refer to point one, you will need at least 2 alliance members to take down a sub-city in a day.
  7. After 20 rounds of battle and you are still unable to win the battle e.g. troops, traps or catapults left by the enemy, you lose the battle.
  8. Before the oasis level down after 24 hrs, resign and re-occupy it to renew the 24 hrs lease. Esp. those just beside you.
  9. You can occupy an enemy's high level oasis easily if it has no troops. So leave at least 1 catapult for your own and use 1 cavalry to strike
  10. Use pure cavalry to farm inactives, cuts down half the time (faster with horse treasure). At least 32 cavalry for level zeros.
  11. You can have more than 1 vice-leader - credits to Toph
  12. You can only recall your oasis troops from the city/sub-city you sent.

Technical Advice

  1. Use wireless when attacking.
  2. Before marching to a super major battle, restart your iPhone to clear off the memory, use wireless and ensure that block of time is undisturbed. Else postpone the major battle until you are absolutely ready. You do not want your troops marching to their death...

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