Thursday, September 2, 2010

Haypi Kingdom - Alliance Teamwork (Updates)

I have been thinking of how to leverage the teamwork of the alliance by each concentrating to specialise in a specific area instead of being a jack of all trades, but a master of none.


Provide intelligence and increase ally members. Upgrade scouting skills to the highest. Small packs of cavalry. Find out how many troops in the city or sub-city accurately. Map out the location of forts as levels do not change, especially low level forts in the initial stage. Raid inactives. Income to upgrade scouting skills has to be provided by attackers and defenders. Identify and recruit active members.
Levels: 0-3
Army: Small
Primary defense: Alliance protection
Primary army upgrade: Speed
Primary income: Raid inactives/defenders & attackers buy highest or other members treasures at a preset number at the market
Online: Low

Defender/Hunter (Updates)
Cash cow. Upgrade static defense such as Traps (lvl 1-8), Turrets (lvl 9-10) to fend off enemies. Keep on upgrading resources output. Primarily statics for defense. Large army of infantry to farm for gold and treasure. Initial capital income and oasis provided by attackers. Later stages, huge army of infantry to hunt. Steady stream of income to buy treasures to upgrade to pull up the team.
Levels: 4-6
Army: Large army of Infantry for Hunting
Primary defense: Static
Primary army upgrade: Speed/Attack
Primary income: Oasis and forts from attackers
Online: Medium

Protect alliance, starve strong alliances, raid cities, take-over sub-cities/enemies' oasis, fort farming, provide income to defenders/traders to generate even more income.
Levels: >= 6
Army: Large - enough to farm fort (read fort farming guide)
Primary defense: Traps
Primary offense: Catapults/Infrantry (early), Cavalry/Archers (later)
Primary army upgrade: Speed/Defense
Primary income: Raid inactives/farm forts/attack cities/take over sub-cities
Online: High

Do not under-estimate the scouts. The success of an ally depends heavily on intelligence, the number of active members and of course TEAMWORK.

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