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Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain - Blackwing Lair Strategy

I have beaten Hearthstone Blackwing Lair. I will guide you with real-time strategies and personal experiences with clearing them with with most of my basic, Nax and Blackrock wing cards as much as possible. I walk the talk by clearing the wing myself first, then help you get more Legendary cards without purchase.

Razorgore the Untamed

Hero Power (Normal) - The Rookery - Give all Corrupted Eggs +1 Health, then summon one. (1 mana)

Hero Power (Heroic) - The Rookery - Give all Corrupted Eggs +1 Health, then summon one. (0 mana)
I used the basic face rogue deck from Sottle at Icy-Veins with card swaps to defeat Razorgore. You'll need the tempo e.g. Backstab, Shiv, Fan of Knives, Assassinate, Deadly Poison, Sap to clear the Corrupted Eggs before they get bigger and hatch. Combine this with a good mana curve of cheap, effective/Deathrattle minions, weapons and finally expensive efficient minions like Chillwind Yeti, Loatheb, Sludge Belcher and Boulderfist Ogre to defeat Razorgore. RIP Razorgore.

Good luck!

Recommended Class: Rogue

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

Hero Power (Normal) - Essence of the Red - Each player draws 2 cards. (0 mana)

Hero Power (Heroic) - Essence of the Red - Each player draws 3 cards. Gain a mana crystal. (0 mana)
Vaelastrasz's Normal mode hero power Essence of the Red forces each player to draw two cards. He uses this to his advantage by both milling your cards and his to use Goblin Sapper, Twilight Drake, Volcanic Drake, Molten Giant, Clockwork Giant in which the cards in both hands and the number of minions died that turn matter. On top of that, he uses Naturalize to cause you to reach fatigue and Gang Up to boost his deck to prevent himself from reaching fatigue. He also combo with his spells to attempt to remove your low level minions and at the same time creating some low level minions to stall till both hands are full.

A good class against this is warlock with low cost/effective Deathrattle minions from Naxxramas, minions and spells with discard effects. You will also need Taunt minions and powerful spell cards such as Hellfire, Shadow Bolt, Corruption, Sacrificial Pact and Soulfire. Primarily, you want to focus on the Demon type to synergize with your spells. DO NOT include any card draw mechanisms else you will fatigue.

Update: After I played the class challenge, I realised that Rogue is also a very good class against Vaelastrasz. He used Gang Up against me. This can be used against him on his Clockwork Giant and your Preparation, Backstab, Sap, Assassinate, Vanish are more efficient than him. If you have Mountain Giants of your own, the better.

Recommended Class: Warlock/Rogue


Hero Power - Brood Affliction - At the end of your turn, add a Brood Affliction card (Normal-1, Heroic-3) to your opponent's hand. (0 Mana)

Hero Power (Chromatic Dragonkin) - Mutation - Discard a random card. (1 Mana)
The third boss Chromaggus will be the toughest in this wing. Why? You will need to spend an extra mana to discard the Brood Afflictions he stuffs into your hand without your consent. That means your minions will always be one mana behind plus a negative effect on you or a positive effect on him every turn if you do not get rid of it. I personally won it with my best Paladin deck with Emperor Thaurissan and Kel'Thuzad. You have to recognize that there is possibly one Green Brood Affliction card you can keep until you start to damage his health (Normal-30 & Heroic-60). Also the 1-damage Brood Affliction is fine to keep for a short while. During mid-game, he will start to use those Dragon synergy or related cards and you will be dangerously low on heath by then. You will need a deck with good mana curve to fully spend your mana efficiently and the win condition will be Emperor Thaurissan followed by Kel'Thuzad.

I saw Shacknews recommended Priest which is well and good if you have those cards like Lightwell, Lightspawn, Inner Fire. Again, I have not seen the computer used Silence cards before, so high health means indestructible.

Recommended Class: Paladin/Priest(Shacknews)

Lord Victor Nefarius

Hero Power - Wild Magic - Put a random spell from your opponent's class into your hand. (1 Mana)

Hero Power (Nefarian) - True Form - Let the games begin! (1 Mana)
The 4th and final boss of this Blackwing Lair Wing will be the most enjoyable to play after you have beaten the previous tough boss. I used Paladin to win it. However, I believe you can use any hero as Ragnaros will help you every turn with a 0 mana card (6/3 deal 6 damage, 6/6 taunt, 4/5 Windfury, 8 damage die insect spell). It's not easy to lose in Normal mode unless you hit him heavily with an-eye-for-an-eye secret he got from you. Just test it with a small minion when you play or attack. I almost beat him in Heroic mode when I got Emperor Thaurissan followed by Kel'Thuzad and taunts. Just that I have 2 health left and he killed me with a 4-damage dragon spell to my face (in fact, many Paladin spells would have killed me). I will recommend some healing minions in Heroic mode.

Recommended Class: Preference Paladin. Normal-any class.

Well, now you have one more Legendary card at your disposal without spending a dime.

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